RS125 - Sonatest

Digital – Colour monitor, Transflective screen, Lightweight. Backlight for night time viewing, Rail bottom depth measurement, Video Output enabling Head up Display, 100 A-Scan memories, 8000 Thickness readings for tunnel surveys.

Designed specifically for Rail Testing, the Railscan 125R rises to the demanding challenges set by this environment for NDT and it's operators.

  • Network Rail (UK) procedure and approval Narrow Band amplifiers 2 and 5 MHz; G1 +ve trigger, G2 -ve trigger, (0.6 second delay for monitoring rail bottom depth).
  • Long Battery Life Latest Li-Ion technology 10-16 hours (brightness dependant) Quick re-charge in 3-4 hours
  • Walking Stick Compatibility Sperry walking stick. Others (e.g., NRS bi-directional walking stick)
  • Single-shot PRF for high speed multiplexing
  • RS232 & USB outputs: Supporting custom software systems, (e.g. Sperry palmtop with GPS)

Supplied complete with Battery, Battery Charger, Canvas bag with shoulder strap, clear cover for display window, Operators Manual, UKAS Calibration Certificate.

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