Airbus Wing Corrosion Procedure

The procedure covers the inspection of ’Top Skin between the Trailing Edge and the forward fastener row of the Rear Spar and False Rear Spar’, LH/RH wings. This new critical inspection for corrosion highlighted the need for fast, accurate thickness checks with the ability to detect and record defects. The solution is the Olympus Omniscan 16128 Phased Array instrument combined with the Sonatest 5MHz encoded wheel probe. 

Following the Airbus Omniscan set up makes this inspection accurate, reliable and repeatable.Scan information is displayed in A-C-C scans with one C-Scan based on signal amplitude whilst the second C-Scan displaying thickness and a bespoke colour pallet allows for clear visual decision making. Oceanscan offer the complete kit needed for the Inspection. Read more...