Dual/Single Light Meters


Magnaflux UVe-LUX Meter -

The UVe-Lux is a compact, lightweight and robust meter specifically designed for the non-destructive testing environment using a single sensor to measure UV and white light at the same time.

This portable digital light meter provides accurate readouts of black (microwatts/cm2) and white (lux) light intensity.

Product features:

  • Single sensor
  • OLED colour display with wide viewing angle
  • Easy to operate
  • Conforms to ISO 3059

RS White Light MeterMPI-Lightmeter

RS White Light Meter -

A versatile, hand held luxmeter with detachable light cell capable of measuring daylight, tungsten, fluorescent and mercury light intensity in either lux or foot-candles.

Display hold function
3 ranges/times covered
Auto power down
RS-232 serial interface
Zero adjustment
Dual LCD display with contrast control

UVP Blak Ray J-221MPI-UVP-J221-UVMeter

UVP Black Ray J-221 -

The J-Series UV meters are photovoltaic devices for taking accurate and repeatable readings of UV light sources in either the 365nm or 254nm UV range

  • J-221 Meter measures the intensity of longwave UV (365nm). The sensor is sensitive from 300 to 400nm with a peak sensitivity at 365nm. J-221 Meter complies with MIL STD 45662-A and can be found in MIL-I-6868D (NSN 6635-488-5451)
  • Each meter features two scales for low and high intensity readings
  • For remote readings, a four foot (1.2m) cord connects the sensor to the meter
  • Two scales measure a wide range of intensity
  • An infrared filter assures accurate readings when measuring light sources producing infrared radiation
  • The 5X attenuation screen can be used for very high intensity lamp measurements
  • Meters are self-powered for maximum portability