Ultraviolet Lamps


Magnaflux ZB -

The Magnaflux ZB-100F Portable Black Light System produces long wave ultraviolet light at 365 nanometers. A built-in, quiet operating fan located at the rear of the ZB-100F lamp housing dramatically reduces operating temperatures to under 85°F, for improved operator safety and comfort while simultaneously expanding bulb life.

Core Benefits:

  • Cool running for increased safety and comfort
  • Extended bulb life for greater operating efficiency
  • Polycarbonate bezel shields operator’s hands from lens
  • Cord-through-handle design reduces operator fatigue
  • Rugged aluminum housing and reinforced fiberglass handle
  • Recessed lens for bulb protection

Certification:  Industry and Military Standards @ 15” (38cm)


Magnaflux ZB100-LED -

The Magnaflux ZB-100-LED is a high performance NDT inspection UV-LED Black Light that is 30% lighter and 90% more energy efficient than traditional mercury vapour UV lights.

Core Benefits:

  • Up to 50,000 hours LED bulb life
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Cool running
  • Individually certified output wavelength of 365 ± 5 nm

J&A Neo Vu-2

J&A A Neo Vu-2 -

The rugged NEO VU-2 utilises a new generation of LED technology. The bulb unit is safer than the old Mercury Vapour units and last far longer with incredible efficiency. As a replacement to Mercury bulbs, this unit will pay for itself in electricity saving alone. The dual voltage 110/230volt model draws 0.011A (nearly a 10th of the power of an old 100watt Mercury unit but with the same UV power output at 365nm!).

 The handle is solid polyurethane and the body is CNC Anodised aluminium with a heavy duty wall thickness of 5mm. If you have used our Neoviews

in the past you will love this unit, which requires no ballasted control box and will work at either 110v or 230v. There is also a 12v Model.

Features include:-

  • Dual Voltage 110/230v AC as standard
  • 12volt DC Version available …(See VU-2 Battery Operated data sheet)
  • Typically over 2,000 micro watts/cm sq at 15″ with a 6″ smooth beam spread!
  • 10,000 hrs LED Life + replacable bulb (Just unscrew the front bezel to change)
  • Almost indestructable heavy walled CNC Anodised Aluminium Body
  • Sold Polyurethane handle
  • This unit will pay for itself in electricity consumption savings alone.
  • No control box required (On/Off switch is mounted on the rear endplate)
  • 2m cable as standard

J&A Mini-TMPI-Johnson&Allen-MiniUVtorch

J&A Mini UV Torch -
  • Voltage – 3.7v
  • On/Off Switch – Latching (Instant Start Up)
  • UV Source – Single long life 5watt UV-LED
  • Wavelength – 365nm
  • Intensity > 6000 μW/cm² at 380mm
  • Beam spread – Approx 50mm
  • Body – High grade anodized Aluminium
  • Length – 140cm
  • Head Diameter – 35mm
  • Battery – Initial charge 12 hrs, then 2 hour re-charge
  • Battery Life – Approx 8 hours

Aerospace and European Specifications state either “1000 μW/cm² at the surface” or “1500 μW/cm² at the surface”.   The light complies with both.