Sonagage II


Sonagage II -
The Sonagage II is a low-cost Ultrasonic Thickness Gage combining ease of use with advanced features and capabilities. Resolution is 0.01mm (0.001″), allowing accurate measurement of thin sections, and the gage retains last reading and current calibration after switch-off. There is a coupling indicator on the LCD and a low battery warning is also incorporated. For difficult applications, an externally-accessible gain adjustment control is a valuable feature.


Sonagage II Specification

Measurement Range:0.75mm - 199.99mm {0.030" - 19.999") (Depending on transducer and materials)
V- Path Correction:The microprocessor automatically adjusts for linearity.
Velocity:500 - 10,000 m/s (0.0197 - 0.3936 in/µs.
Resolution:0.01mm (0.001")
Battery Life:55 hours continious from "long-life" battery
Power:One (1) PP3 Battery.
Zero Adjustment:Automatic when "CAL" Key pressed and the transducer applied to TRD-O block.
Auto - Shutoff:2.0 minutes after last transducer coupling or last key press.
Memory:Retains last calibration reading.
145mrn (5.7")
79mrn (3.1 ")
35rnrn (1.41")
Temperature Range:-10°C t0 54°C (+10°F to 120°F)
Sonagage II -