Sitescan D10


Sitescan D10 -

The Sitescan D+ Series of ultrasonic flaw detectors deliver high performance and advanced features, via an ergonomic and user focussed interface design. The enhanced menu navigation scroll-wheel enables fast navigation through functions via the menu structure, designed to guide the user through their tasks, with operation quickly becoming second nature. The Sitescan D10+ uses a broadband amplifier compatible with a wide range of transducers for a spectrum of NDT applications including weld inspection, corrosion testing, small castings, forgings and delamination checking.

The Sitescan D10+ features ground breaking ergonomic design which has been evolved to make it comfortable for day-long use. The high resolution TFT VGA colour display has not been sacrificed giving the Sitescan D10+ one of the highest display to size ratios of any field instrument, providing high visibility at any light level.


The Sitescan D10+ uses a 3rd Generation Scroll Wheel for fast, single handed menu selection and setting changes.  The new upgraded user centred keypad has an increased resistance to water and improved tactile keys. Direct Access Keys enable fast access to essential parameters such as gate adjustment and gain control.  Unique User Buttons can be assigned directly to menu items or actions that selected by the operator.

Robust and Adaptable

Sonatest’s reputation for robust design and proven reliability is an important aspect of flaw detector ownership. Down time is expensive and should be minimized to ensure maximum productivity. The Sitescan D Series is constructed to high standards using engineered polymers and sealed to IP67, and is designed to incorporate many features to make site work easier.

The integrated pipe stand is adjustable to give easy positioning, whilst the standard camera mount fixing on the back opens up a wide variety of useful accessories such as magnetic hooks, tripod mounts and body harnesses. The Sitescan D10+ can be easily attached to pipe work, metal plates or hung from the nearest fixing, giving the user both hands free for scanning.

SDMS Lite (Data Management Software)

This Windows based data management tool interfaces the Sitescan D+ series to a PC. The Lite version comes as standard, allowing the capture of the currently displayed A-Scan and transfer to Microsoft Word. This is useful for producing application notes or reporting indications. The optional full version uploads and downloads panel settings and A-Scans, which can also be transferred into Microsoft Word for customised reporting. Thickness readings can be transferred into Excel for more advanced analysis such as charts for B & C-Scans.


      • Flaw Sizing (DGS/AVG, AWS, API) Optional
      • DAC
      • AVG
      • Advanced Thickness Logging
      • B-Scan
      • Active Peak
      • Configurable Menu System

D10+ Specification

Test Range:5mm (0.2in) up to 5000 mm (200 in.) in steel. Variable in sequence 10mm or 1mm.
Velocity: 1000 - 9999 m/s.
Probe Zero: 0 to 999.999 μs.
Delay: 0-5000m at steel velocity in 0.05 steps (0-200 in 0.002 in. steps)
Gain: 0 to 110dB in 0.5, 1, 2, 6, 10, 14 and 20dB steps.
Test Modes:Pulse echo and transmit/receive.
Gate: Start & Width adjustable over full range. Amplitude 0-100%, 0.5% steps visual and audible alarms. Positive triggering.
Measurement Modes
Depth: Depth and amplitude of first signal in gate.
Echo-Echo:Echo-to-Echo distance measurement. (single gate)
Trig: Trigonometric display of beam path, depth and surface distance.
Calculation of skip depth and curved surface compensation, Xoffset for transducer.
T-Min: Holds minimum thickness in depth mode.
Pulser Voltage: pike - 200 Volt peak amplitude, rise/fall time <10ns into 50 ohm. Fixed 20nS spike width.
P.R.F: Selectable 35 to 500 Hz, in 5Hz steps.
Display: Colour Transflective TFT: Display area 111.4 x 83.5 mm (4.39 x 3.29 in). A-Scan Area 315 x 200 pixels max sunlight viewable.
Sitescan D10 -