Shear Wave

SA RANGE Single Crystal/Perspex Face (top or Sonatest-SA-probesrear entry)

  • Medium damped lead zirconate titanate element tuned to provide optimum gain and resolutation for general purpose use.
  • DGS graticules available for 45 degree, 60 degree, and 70 degree transducers.
  • Low internal noise level enhances near surface resolution.
  • Stainless steel case for durability, colour coded labels for instant angle recognition.
  • 2mm perspex wear plate allow shaping for curvatures, easy replacement when worn.
CodeFrequencyCrystal SizeAngle 
35°, 38° and 90° Angle probes are also available in this range.
SA 2-452.3MHz10x10mm45° Angle
SA 2-45 -
SA 2-602.3MHz10x10mm60° Angle
SA 2-60 -
SA 2-702.3MHz10x10mm70° Angle
SA 2-70 -
SA 5-454.3MHz10X8mm45° Angle
SA 5-45 -
SA 5-604.3MHz10X8mm60° Angle
SA 5-60 -
SA 5-704.3MHz10X8mm70° Angle
SA 5-70 -

ORION RANGE Single Crystal/Perspex FaceSonatest-Orion-probes

  • A high specification shear wave transducer incorporating round crystals to avoid side lobes.
  • Orion series are high damped, with high output and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Housed in a stainless steel case with forward emission point to enable close access to weld cap, allowing more of the weld area to be inspected.
  • Casing scaled in millimeters from the front of the transducer.
  • Ergonomically designed for fatigue free scanning and ease of handling, with choice of top or rear connectors.
  • Optimally designed shoe and excellent damping for very low internal noise.
  • Wide frequency bandwidth provides a narrow pulse width and excellent resolution.
CodeFrequencyCrystal SizeAngle 
ORION 4-704MHz10 Dia.70° Angle
ORION 4-70 -
ORION 2-452MHz10 Dia.45° Angle
ORION 2-45 -
ORION 2-602MHz10 Dia.60° Angle
ORION 2-60 -
ORION 2-702MHz10 Dia.70° Angle
ORION 2-70 -
ORION 4-454MHz10 Dia.45° Angle
ORION 4-45 -
ORION 4-604MHz10 Dia.60° Angle
ORION 4-60 -

LSA RANGE Single Crystal/Perspex FaceSonatest-LSA-probe

  • Large single angle shear wave transducers appropriate for large testing areas or where extra penetration is required.
  • Medium damped, lead zirconate titanate circular elements provide low noise and high output.
  • Housed in stainless steel case with epoxy tops and finger push.
  • Colour coded labels enable recognition of the incidence angle in steel.
  • Acrylic wear plates allowing shaping for curvature and ease of replacement when worn.
CodeFrequencyCrystal SizeAngle 
LSA 4-704MHz20 Dia.70° Angle
LSA 4-70 -
LSA 2-452MHz20 Dia.45° Angle
LSA 2-45 -
LSA 2-602MHz20 Dia.60° Angle
LSA 2-60 -
LSA 2-702MHz20 Dia.70° Angle
LSA 2-70 -
LSA 4-454MHz20 Dia.45° Angle
LSA 4-45 -
LSA 4-604MHz20 Dia.60° Angle
LSA 4-60 -

CDA RANGE Twin Crystal/Perspex FaceSonatest-CDA-Probe

  • Combined double shear wave transducers for general purpose use.
  • Medium damped, lead zirconate titanate elements with a 6 degree toe-in angle for optimum near surface resolution and tuned to provide maximum gain.
  • 2mm perspex wear plate allowing shaping for curved surfaces.
  • Replacement shoes available when worn.
CodeFrequencyCrystal SizeAngle 
CDA 5-704.6MHz2x8x570° Angle
CDA 5-70 -
CDA 2-452.1MHz2x10x545° Angle
CDA 2-45 -
CDA 2-602.1MHz2x10x560° Angle
CDA 2-60 -
CDA 2-702.1MHz2x10x570° Angle
CDA 2-70 -
CDA 5-454.6MHz2x8x545° Angle
CDA 5-45 -
CDA 5-604.6MHz2x8x560° Angle
CDA 5-60 -