Permanent Magnets

Fleximag                                       MPI-Johnson&Allen-fleximag

Fleximag -
  • Specially developed modern alloys produce a very high field strength/weight ratio. 
  • Will lift in excess of 20 Kilograms
  • No Keeper required
  • Complies with refrence standard BS6072 Para 15.3 + American and European standards
  • Weighs only 1 Kilogram
  • 2700 Gauss at each Pole.
  • 7000 Gauss with 1.75 mm pole spacing. Effective usable gap 150mm (recommended)
  • Supplied individually serialised

J.A.M MagnetMPI-Johnson&Allen-jammagnet

J.A.M Magnet -
  • Lifts to excess of 18 kg as required by most current MPI standards
  • Universal adjustment through rotating feet and swinging arms.
  • Keeper plate stores inside handle slot, when in use.
  • Complies with reference standard BS6072 Para 15.3 
  • Weight with keeper 2.8 kg.
  • Individually serialised


YM5 Magnet -

The YM5 Permanent Magnet consists of hinged arms and rotating pole pieces to allow a wide variety of profiles be magnetised whilst the specially shaped pole pieces permit easy removal from the component. The YM5 has been crafted in Magloy 1 for maximum magnetic field strength.

  • Field strength in centre of 50mm air gap, more then 400 gauss
  • Weighs only 3 Kg
  • Pull test – > 18 Kgs (40 lbs). Field strength, with pole tips in contact > 7,000 gauss
  • Gauss pull test – > 18 Kg lift
  • No electrical supply needed
  • Portable