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USM Go is a high-end portable instrument, which has been developed to meet the market’s need for a truly portable andreliable flaw detector, which can be used in various applications. It incorporates a correspondingly wide range of operating features and up-grade options to meet the varying requirements of these applications.

USM Go Rope Access is the version of this highly successful instrument which is totally and exclusively dedicated to rope access inspection. Specifically, certain parameters, such as filters, pulse repetition frequency and rectification mode have been set at their optimum values to facilitate operation, by eliminating the difficult task of selecting and adjusting these parameter at the end of a rope.

Only two fast and easy-to-use evaluation tools are built into the instrument: the DAC module for weld inspection; and a second gate triggered function which facilitates though-coating,thickness measurements. Finally, the TTL output, which is never needed for rope access work, has been removed and this further guarantees the instrument’s IP67 status.


*Scotland only. Oceanscan - Offical channel partner for GE Inspection Technologies Partner in Scotland.

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    Sercal are proud and excited to be sponsors of the University of Wolverhampton's new 2018 Formula 3 racing car!

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