DM4 -
The DM4 and DM4DL are smart, simple-to-use ultrasonic thickness gauges that offering accurate ultrasonic thickness measurement in a small lightweight package.

Compact and ergonomic, the DM4 and DM4 DL provides comfortable one hand use. Operator fatigue is virtually eliminated since the instruments weigh only 9 oz. (255g) and all keys are easily accessed with the thumb


DM4 Specification

Operating PrincipleUltrasonic pulse/echo
Probe Zero AdjustmentAutomatic, or manual 2 pt. calibration
V-path correctionAutomatic, micro-processor controlled
Measuring Range.025" - 20.00" (.64 - 500 mm) depending on probe, material, surface condition, and temperature
Dual Multi Measuring Range.080" - .800" (2-20mm) depending on the probe, surface condition, type and thickness of the coating, the thickness of the metal and the qual
Displayed Resolution.001 or .01 up to 9.999 inches, .01 above 9.999 inches; (.01 or .1 up to 99.99mm, .1 above 99.99 mm)
Measurement Update Rate4 Hz; 25 Hz in minimum capture mode
GainAutomatic, or Manual (Hi, Med., Lo)
Material Velocity Range39,000 to 393,700 in./sec.; (1000 to 9999 m/sec)
Receiver Bandwidth1 MHz to 10 MHz (-3 dB)
Display Type4 digit LCD, .5" (12.7 mm) high, direct drive, with electroluminescent backlight
Power Supply2 ea. 1.5V AA alkaline cells
Battery Life (operating time)Up to 200 hours @ 25% duty cycle without backlight
Auto Shut OffAfter 3 minutes of non-use
Operating Temperature Range+10/°F to +120/°F (-10/°C to +50/°C)
DM4 -