British Standards Certification


BSI Log0Traceable certification issued within the guidelines of our BSI Accreditation, Certificate No. Q06321.

 All enquiries regarding the following equipment may be made via our contact us page

  • Calibration Blocks

  • Rail Calipers

  • Gas Detectors

  • Densitometers

  • Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T)

  • M.P.I

    • Black Light Meter
    • White Light (Lux) Meters
    • UV Lamp
    • Handyokes¬† (AC & DC)
    • Permanent Magnets (Calibration and Remagnetisation)
    • Prods & Bench Units
    • Magnetometers/Field Indicators

Included in price of calibration is a fully comprehensive preventitive maintenance overhaul, with worn parts replaced at extra cost.